Monday, June 13, 2011

1991-92 Pro Set Les Cartes Des Pros Du Hockey Serie I Edition Francaise

FINALLY, the last two packs of the Kmart holiday box that I am sure everyone is sick of.  I think I have to be close to a record for most posts out of a $4 box.  Anyway, the last few packs are 1991-92 Pro Set Hockey, French Edition.  I don't know any French, so I will keep my commentary to a minimum.

Pack 1:
Ed Olczyk,
Gary Suter,
Derek King,
Ulf Dahlen,
Vincent Damphousse,
Mike Vernon All-Star,
Robert Kron,
Craig Simpson,
Adam Graves,
Chris Chelios,
Dave Ellet,
Tony Hrkac,
John MacLean,
Patrick Roy All-Star,
Bobby Smith

>>> Well, my hockey-ignorant self recognized Patrick Roy, and a bunch of names I vaguely associate with NHL '94 for Sega Genesis, aka the only good hockey game ever made.

Pack 2:
Russ Courtnall,
Todd Gill,
Michal Pivonka,
Phil Housley,
Gino Cavallini,
Zarley Zalapski,
Kevin Hatcher All-Star,
Adam Creighton,
Petr Nedved,
Trevor Linden,
Craig Coxe,
Match-benefice Ace Bailey,
Ray Bourque Trophee Commemoratif James Norris,
Al Iafrate,
Dirk Graham Trophee Frank J. Selke

>>> Totally naming my first kid Zarley.  If your first name is Dirk and your last name is not Nowitzki or Diggler, I don't know who you are.

I'm pretty certain I scanned some cards from the second pack, but I can't find the picture.  Fortunately they are hockey cards, so they're not important...but for the record, I would have scanned Hatcher, Bourque, and Iafrate.

Box. Done.

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