Saturday, June 25, 2011

new (card show) pickups

I hesitate to call it a card show, since it is usually just one guy.  Once a month, there are a few tables set up at the local mall for a memorabilia show.  There's typically only 3 guys...the card guy, the jersey guy, and the plaque guy.  This time, however, there were three card guys...ish.  The regular guy was there, and I picked up most of my cards from him, but, yet again, I didn't have my want lists with me, so it just ended up being PC guys.  I didn't buy anything from guy #2 because he had 1 5000 count box with no prices at all and one showcase with nothing good.  Guy #3...ish...had a 1000 count box of junk, a 60% off box (book value I assume), a 5000 count box of 10-cent crap and a box of "vintage" behind the table.  I ended up getting 2 cards from him for 50 cents.  He tried to sell me a 1959 Don Drysdale that had paper loss from the picture circle, severely rounded corners, and a crease down the middle.  I've got nothing against bad condition cards, but listen to his selling pitch: "This '59 Drysdale is a $100 card, but I'd go $15 for it."  I think, by definition, if he will sell the card for $15, that makes it a $15 card.   However, this card was not a $15 card.  It was a $1-box card.  Anyway, I digress.  Back to the cards I did get.  All of these for $4 wasn't bad for the day.


SpastikMooss said...

The last show I went to was the same feel as your typical mall show, same three types of guys. I just trade with them when I can get them to do so haha.

Dhoff said...

Nothing worse than big boxes of unpriced cards. It just shows a lack of effort, in that they usually say they'll look up the book value and then make a deal with you. And that just gets more and more awkward. If I'm going to spend a bunch of time shuffling through a big ol' box of cards, I don't want to then have to put them back after I hear some ridiculous deal like 60 percent off book value. I, too, avoid dealers like that.

Some nice Verlander card pick ups, all the same.

Captain Canuck said...

nice. I love coming home with a stack of randomness that I got on the cheap.