Sunday, June 19, 2011

A pair of crappy college basketball packs

Since the basketball season is over, I might as well post these two packs I've had for a while.

First up, 2006 Press Pass Basketball

I've opened a pack before, to not much success aside from a psychadelic insert of Adam Morrison, which I equate with not much success.

Adam Morrison,
Shelden Williams,
Charlie Villanueva Rookie Review Blue Foil,
Kevin Pittsnogle Old School

>>> 4 cards, 6 eyebrows (sorry Charlie, I had to).  I didn't have the heart to scan another Morrison card...or the stomach.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, though, the Old School cards are sweet.  Unfortunately it is a WVU Mountaineer that I gave to my mentor at work who is a big WVU fan.

Pack 2 is 2004-05 Sage Hit Basketball

Herve Lamizana,
>>> Who?
Tim Pickett,
>>> ummm, who?
Shaun Livingston Q&A,
>>> Ok, a little better, at least now we're in the NBA.
Devin Harris,
>>> Nice, an upper level NBAer
Diana Taurasi Lottery Pick 1st Overall
>>> Wow, the best card in the pack is a womanish looking person.  So appropriate with my post about the season being over.  This is further proof that the WNBA doesn't matter:  On the back of Taurasi's card, they list the top 13 draft picks...for the NBA!

Question for my readers:
How many WNBA games will you be watching this year?


The Lost Collector said...

Zero because you can't watch negative games. Or can you?

smedcards said...

Several, because the Lynx are actually good and the Timberwolves could win negative games next season.

Besides, the WNBA is pretty good hoops. Dunks are overrated. 15-foot jumpers are underrated.

College basketball cards? NO! HELL NO! What about the 12th man at Canisius, or the walk on at Jackson State. If they don't get cards, it's not fair. They're not pros, even if D-1.

Ryan G said...

Question for the writer: how does one go about watching WNBA games? Not that I've looked for them, but I've never seen one televised. I once had a ticket to see a game in Atlanta but something else came up that was better or more important.

Honestly, I have a pretty good WNBA card collection, but I've never seen a game. And there's no teams in the SF bay area (as far as I know) - I think there might be a team in Sacramento.

smedcards said...

The Monarchs folded. The teams are currently: Connecticut, Indiana, Chicago, NY, Washington, Atlanta, San Antonio, Minnesota, LA, Seattle, Tulsa, Phoenix.

ESPN / ABC has some coverage:

Usually, the local Fox Sports affiliate has a limited schedule (not every game, but more than the Indoor Lacrosse Team) that they televise around the local major league baseball schedule. As I type, Fox Sports North is televising the Atlanta / Minnesota game (on tape delay, and using the Atlanta feed, but still).

But there's no baseball on now, the IndyCar race is over, and the US Open is all but over. So it's either that or a Criminal Minds marathon.

Which may win at the half since the Lynx are up by 15 already.

BTW, all those who decry the WNBA as an outrage and laugh at the franchise instability should look at the early history of MLB, NFL, and NBA (BAA / NBL) and then STFU.

(Two daughters who love sports, age 9 and 6. Haters gonna hate and I'm gonna hate the haters.)