Friday, June 10, 2011

Half of a 2006 Topps Football Rack Pack

Seriously, I'm almost done with that cheap holiday box from K-Mart.  One post after this, and that's it, I promise.  I do have a little beef with this box (yeah I know I paid $4) since one of the "packs" was the bonus crap pack of 2008 Topps baseball.  Add that to the pack I have right now, which is a 2006 Topps Football rackie that has been chopped in half. 

Antonio Bryant
Clinton Portis
Shaun Alexander League Leader
Troy Polamalu
Tye Hill RC
Brett Favre League Leader
Takeo Spikes

I'm not certain this pack had a good half.  I suspect that if it did, this wasn't it. 

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