Saturday, June 11, 2011

2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics Box Break Part 3: The Goods

This is the final post for my box break of 2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics.

I've saved the best for last, the gold parallels and the relics.  There aren't any autos in the set, which is really the only drawback, but at the price point now, it's still a good deal.  The best cards in the set are the patch relics, which are numbered to 25. 

Gold Parallels #/499 (1:8):

Lance Berkman #454/499
Scott Rolen #276/499
Todd Helton #177/499

Those three guys are an interesting trio to get.  All are very solid players, have at least 300 HR in their careers, and have played 13 or more seasons.  These are definitely three guys to tell your kids about when they are done playing.  I love that the card shows Berkman in the HR Derby, mainly because he is awesome to watch in it.  His bat stays in the zone so long its ridiculous and the fact that he swings completely level and still gets major power is amazing.  Rolen was the guy that David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman try to emulate in their careers as third basemen.  As for Helton, well he's just plain underrated in my opinion.  He's been in Colorado 15 seasons and has been a .323 career batter with great power, not to mention he's a damn good first baseman.  In the loose packs I bought in the past, I got a Juan Marichal gold.  I am a little disappointed I didn't get a Legends gold card in this box, but I'm pretty happy nonetheless.

Midsummer Swatches (1:12):

Well, no patches here, but I did get a couple of nice swatches.  I like that the Tejada is a color swatch, and I especially like that the Thome is a white jersey with pinstripe just like in the picture.  I showed the card backs just so you could see where it says "authentic piece of jersey worn by PLAYER in an official TEAM Major League Baseball game."  It's good to know that they came from real game-worn jerseys.  In loose packs in the past, I pulled Gary Sheffield and Edgar Renteria swatches.  This is also my second Thome swatch, as I have one from 2008 UD Sweet Spot from his White Sox days. 

Altogether, this box was a huge hit for me.  I got a complete set, got within 6 cards of completing a second set, got some of the better inserts on the checklist, and got two solid relics.  Everything, aside from the base cards I need for my two sets, is up for trade if you are interested.     

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dawgbones said...

that is a nice looking pinstripe there Spankee, nice pull. Been thinking of ordering some cards from the site myself as soon as I figure out which one I want to try. I'm thinking one of hte earlier Opening Day boxes.