Wednesday, June 1, 2011

College World Series Contest at Autographed Cards

Check it out.  It's easy, you just have to know which 8 teams will advance in the CWS.  Actually, you don't have to know, I do.  You have to get them wrong, and I get them right.  The prizes may be autographed cards, which would be appropriate, since the blog is Autographed Cards

In honor of the CWS, I'll show off (again) my Jared Mitchell Refractor Auto, since he was the 2009 College World Series Most Outstanding Player:

Man that cards is sweet.  I really hope he gets back to 100% (from a nasty ankle injury a little over a year ago) and springs through the White Sox org to the bigs so I can make some good money off this card.  Right now, I could probably get $25ish on eBay, but I might just sit on this one because he has tremendous potential.