Friday, June 24, 2011

The greatest shoes ever created

The way my office at work is set up, my desk faces the doorway.  My two large computer monitors make it such that the only way someone can tell I am at my desk is by looking for my feet.  Today, those people get a special surprise, because I am wearing the greatest shoes ever created.  I haven't worn my Converse All-Stars in a couple of years.  I finally busted my Chucks back out.  Everytime I wear them, I fall in love with them all over again.  Get your imitation crap out of here.  If the logo doesn't say Chuck Taylor, you're just kidding yourself. 

I don't always wear shoes, but when I do, I prefer Chuck Taylor's.


beardy said...

You're close here, but a little off. Converse did make the greatest shoes ever, but these aren't it.

Tow words my man...


Spankee said...

Wow, I forgot about the KJ Run n Slam with React Juice.

I wanted Grandmamas so bad as a kid. I truly believe that not getting them is what kept me from the NBA.

beardy said...

I'd forgotten about the KJ's all together, and was totally talking about the Grandmamams. LJ was nasty for a few years there, before going to the Knicks, where all professional basketball careers go to die.

CaptKirk42 said...

I've always liked Chucks. I had a dry spell sometime around the mid-80s to mid or late 90s when I didn't have a single pair, and couldn't find stores that sold them. Then they started coming back into fashion and I started finding them again.

currently I have 5 pairs
1 low-top (or regular) blue hardly used.
1 Hi-top black very well worn
1 Hi-top blue my regular casual shoes very well worn
1 Hi-top white (unbleached) somewhat worn
1 Hi-top monchrome black super well worn almost past the point of being able to wear them.