Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Trade with BA Benny

I'm always amazed that BA Benny can find stuff for me.  As a player collector, I accept the fact aht I will liekly have more to send than there will be to receive, especially when trading with someone who collects multiple baseball teams, multiple football teams, and multiple players. BA Benny, however, always seems to fill a bubble mailer to the brim with goodies.  I usually have a pile going for him at all times, and when it reaches a reasonable size, or when I'm sending out other packages, I pack it up and ship it out.  He hit on my David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman, BJ Upton, and Justin Upton player collections.  Here are the highlights from a team bag-full:

 There were also a couple of former Hokie footballers, including one with a VT uni:

Oh yeah, can't forget the gem of the trade:

 Thanks, again, Mike!

On a funny note, he also included a card of Jordan Zimmermann.  Close...same team and almost same last name, but different position.  Oh well.  That's not the first time that has happened to me, either.  I frequently get Jordan Zimmermann cards and Grady Sizemore cards.  At least I have a monopoly on the Upton either way.  

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BA Benny said...

Oops! Jordan... Ryan... close enough.
Glad you liked the others.