Sunday, March 6, 2011

The new oldest cards I own...and a new collecting goal

I recently stormed the card shop with a new collecting goal I had in mind, and the end result was me dropping a couple dollars on what are now the three oldest cards I own, replacing these.  I've decided that since my favorite number is three, I would collect card number 3 from each year of Topps.  I wanted to get at least one card of every year of Topps, but I had to make it a little more interesting.  After delving a little further into a Beckett, I saw that my goal may be possible since not too many of the cards are too valuable.  I considered doing my wife's favorite number, 11, as well.  That idea ended pretty early when I saw the 1952 Topps #11 was Phil Rizzuto.  I don't have too many Benjamins sitting around for one piece of cardboard.  Anyway, I wanted to kick start the goal with a couple of older cards, so I picked these up:

1960 Joe Adcock
1961 Pete Runnels
1962 John Buzhardt

I knocked a big chunk of the '70s-'00s with the Topps Million Card Giveaway (in the mail as we speak) through trades, and I haven't dug through my '80s and '90s cards to see what I already have.  I also have a few coming my way from eBay that I won for fairly cheap.  I hope to have a wantlist up soon, but I can at least tell you that I don't have any from the '50s yet.  Condition isn't that important to me, but I would prefer it to at least be recognizable.  Once I complete the set of #3's, I might try to get two more cards (any #) of each year just to put in a binder.  If I have success at that, I might bump up 6 more of each to try to complete a page from each year.  In case you were wondering, here's a look at the checklist of Topps #3 through the years:

Year Card BV

1951 Ferris Fain (Red Back, the Blue Back #3 is Richie Ashburn BV$200, so that isn't happening)
1952 Hank Thompson $70.00
1953 George Crowe $40.00
1954 Monte Irvin $50.00
1955 Art Fowler $15.00
1956 Elmer Valo $15.00
1957 Dale Long $20.00
1958 Alex Kellner $12.00
1959 Don McMahon $8.00
1960 Joe Adcock $6.00
1961 John Buzhardt $3.00
1962 Pete Runnels $5.00
1963 NL Home Run Leaders $40.00 (Mays, Aaron, Robinson, Cepeda, Banks)
1964 NL Pitching Leaders ebay $20.00 (Koufax, Marichal, Spahn, Maloney)
1965 AL Home Run Leaders $50.00 (Killebrew, Mantle, Powell)
1966 Same Mele MG $1.50
1967 Duke Sims $1.50
1968 NL RBI Leaders $20.00 (Cepeda, Clementa, Aaron)
1969 AL RBI Leaders $4.00 (Harrelson, Howard, Northrup)
1970 Darrel Chaney
1971 Dick McAuliffe $2.00
1972 Bob Tolan
1973 Jim Lonborg $1.50
1974 Aaron Special 58-61 $8.00
1975 Bob Gibson (Highlight) $3.00
1976 Mickey Lolich RB
1977 RBI Leaders $1.50 (May, Foster)
1978 Willie McCovey RB $2.50
1979 RBI Leaders $1.50 (Rice, Foster)
1980 Manny Mota HL
1981 RBI Leaders $1.50 (Cooper, Schmidt)
1982 Tim Raines HL
1983 Greg Minton RB
1984 Dan Quisenberry HL
1985 Dwight Gooden RB
1986 Rose Special 67-70
1987 Dwight Evans RB
1988 Mark McGwire RB
1989 Gary Carter RB
1990 Nolan Ryan Angels
1991 Carlton Fisk RB
1992 Jeff Reardon RB
1993 Ryne Sandberg
1994 Kevin Rogers
1995 Babe Ruth 100th B-Day $2.00
1996 Greg Maddux Star Power
1997 Terrell Wade
1998 Billy Wagner
1999 Scott Brosius
2000 Wade Boggs
2001 Roger Cedeno
2002 Brad Penny
2003 Jimmy Rollins
2004 Mark Kotsay
2005 Torii Hunter
2006 Garrett Atkins
2007 Brad Lidge
2008 Jeff Suppan
2009 Andy Marte
2010 Derrek Lee
2011 Jon Lester

Obviously, the '50s are going to be tough, but outside of that, there are only really 4 big cards:  '63 thanks to Hank and Willie among others, '64 for Koufax and Spahn, '65 because of the Mick, and '68 because of Hank yet again.  I'm pretty fortunate that my favorite number is 3, because there really aren't any really major cards.  I'll have more posts on this venture coming soon once I get my recent ebay stuff and my Topps MCG stuff. 


The Lost Collector said...

Cool idea! I have 1999 and 2011 for you.

moremonkeys138 said...

I did this with Topps history too. I had a page of each year but I cut it down to three cards per year due to me needing binder space for other stuff. It was a lot of fun to put together though, you'll see! I do have some 50's stuff, maybe we can work out some sort of trade.

Fuji said...

Hey Spankee...great idea... this is going to look sweet when you put them together in a binder. I busted a bunch of 1984 Topps... I'll check to see if I have card #3 for you. Best of luck with your project!