Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cards from across the water.

Okay, I'm sure most of you thought I meant something else, but I was referring to the James River.  You see, Dawgbones lives where I grew up, and I now live where he works.  So really, these cards only had to travel through one measly tunnel.  He had come across a load of 2008 Upper Deck X packs, a product which I'm trying to put together the trifecta (base, die cut, die cut gold) set.  He held aside the cards he pulled that I needed, and the other day they arrived in my mailbox. 

Two die cuts and three gold die cuts put a nice dent in my needs, and you know I love seeing the BJ Uptons.  I've got a stack of cards growing upstairs to send Dawgbones.  I've been waiting for my next round of trades to go out, but sometime in the future he can expect a nice package of Phillies and other items. 

Thanks Dawg!

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dawgbones said...

My pleasure, glad I could help out. Thanks for the comments on my contest post as well.