Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another 2011 Heritage Blister Pack

Value pack #1 for me yielded a nice hit, so I had to go pick up another one.

Black Border Bonus:
C39 Evan Longoria
C25 Bronson Arroyo
C90 JP Arencibia
>>> Nothing spectacular here, except a nice addition to a decent Longo collection that will probably be put up on eBay to raise funds for 2011 Allen and Ginter.

Pack 1:
291 Bobby Cramer RC
101 Jacoby Ellsbury
113 Chicago White Sox
397 Brian McCann All-Star
434 Carlos Ruiz SP
353 Neil Walker
142 Babe Ruth - Coaching for the Dodgers
393 Hanley Ramirez All-Star
121 Buck Showalter
>>> Hanley is my first 2011 Heritage dupe.  I'm not certain we really ever need to be that close to Brian McCann's face.  Gotta love the Chicago White Sox team card with the red background just like the original '62 Sox team card.  The babe Ruth card is neat, I guess, but pretty boring really.

Pack 2:
19 Jake McGee RC
165 Adam Jones
213 Angel Pagan
346 Felix Hernandez
BF-9 Baseball Flashbacks - Frank Robinson
12 Brad Mills
311 Jeter Makes the Double Play
66 Geovany Soto
352 Ricky Nolasco
>>> First it's Babe and the Dodgers, now it's Frank and the Reds.  Something just feels wrong about that.  I love the multiframe cards in this set, but could someone please tell me how Jeter makes the double play without throwing the ball? For more on this, see here for the NCIS investigation by Agent Rhubarb.  I guess I can't really blame Topps, after all, the Mauer I posted here is incorrect as well. As a rocket scientist, I can tell you that Mauer, in fact, DOES NOT put the ball into orbit.

Pack 3:
11 Joe Nathan
10 Andrew McCutchen
78 Matt LaPorta
329 Yovani Gallardo
77 Chase Utley
C49 Freddy Sanchez Chrome SF Giants World Series #0994/1962
88 Joe Girardi
191 Ryan Dempster
174 Jon Garland
>>> My first chrome.  Thats really all I got for this pack.

I love the Chrome Heritage cards, especially this year.  I was excited about these chrome cards ever since the Justin Upton 2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History card.


mmmrhubarb said...

you are exactly right - look for Topps at with that Mauer mistake

the sewingmachineguy said...

Best. Headers. Period.