Saturday, March 5, 2011

Justin time for some cards

Ok, so not the most creative post title, but hey, I'm lazy.   Justin over at Justin's World and I worked up a trade recently, centered around a BJ Upton Xfractor.  I sent him a Cubs Xfractor and some other stuff, which you can see here.  I almost just started a sentence with "Along with the BJ he gave me..." Allow me to rephrase. Along with the Upton he gave me, he also sent a great Verlander rookie, Justin Upton Insert, and assorted other cards:

The best card he sent along was this great Marcus Vick rookie:

I am a VT Hokie for life, and I got to watch Marcus my freshman year of college, so despite how stupid he is, I am happy to finally have one of his cards.  Besides, when I have kids to share my VT collection with, it gives me an opportunity to discuss with them the finer points of flipping the bird to the crowd, stomping on other players' legs, flashing a gun in a McDonalds, raping underage girls, DUI, eluding police, and testing positive for marijuana.

"It's not a big deal. I'll just move on to the next level, baby."  - Marcus Vick


cubsfan731 said...

Thanks for the trade! Maybe we can do it again sometime! (To be honest, one less Vick in my collection makes me a happy Justin)

dawgbones said...

I would truly love to see 1 less Vick on my Eagles!!!