Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contest Bracket, Semifinal #2

Let's go ahead and get the other semifinal out there:

Wild Card 7: 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Pack (Mark the green card):
  Lance Berkman,
  Miguel Cabrera,
  Pat Neshek SP,
  Luis Gonzalez Mini Ad Back,
  Ken Griffey Jr. States Pennsylvania,
  Pablo Picasso,
  Chone Figgins.
>>> It's hard to beat A&G, especially 2008 and earlier.  I wasn't surprised that this pack beat out the 1995 Topps Embossed or the 2009 Sage Hit.  It made for a good retro-set Topps vs. UD matchup with the pack of Goodwin Champions, but I guess Picasso, an Ad Back Mini, and a Griffey Insert were just too much. 

#10 2008 Stadium Club 2 Packs (Rhubarb Runner):
  Pack 1:
  23 Tom Glavine
  142 Greg Smith RC
  74 Rich Harden
  38 Hunter Pence
  51 Ichiro First Day Issue
  Pack 2:
  52 Vernon Wells
  88 Hideki Matsui
  14 Prince Fielder
  131 Sean Rodriguez RC
  150 Gregorio Petit RC First Day Issue
>>> The great photography of 2008 Stadium Club prevailed against the mighty 1994 Stadium Club Draft...who am I kidding that 1994 SC Draft was probably the single worst pack of cards I've ever opened.  I've pulled three autos from 2008 Stadium Club retail packs from Target's $1.59 box, (including a Longoria RC Auto) in the past.  While these packs weren't as lucky, the cards still look great.

Wild Card 6 1999-00 Finest Basketball Series 1 Pack (Dipayan Banerjee):
  Chauncey Billups,
  Corliss Williamson,
  Tracy McGrady,
  Reggie Miller,
  Finest Producers Charles Barkley,
  Paul Pierce Sensations
>>> Did anyone really doubt Sir Charles?  Good to see something other than just baseball in the semis.  Aside from Corliss, these are all still pretty relevant names, though McGrady has been trying his best to prove otherwise.

Wild Card 3 1999 UD MLS 3 Packs (Matt H.):
  Pack 1: Roman Kosecki, Marco Etcheverry Year In Review, Jerzy Podbrozny, Eddie Pope, Alexi Lalas MLS Stars
  Pack 2: Marco Etcheverry Scoring Leaders, Carlos Valderrama World All-Stars, Marco Etcheverry, John Doyle, Mauricio Cienfuegos MLS Stars
  Pack 3: Peter Nowak, Stern John Year in Review, Carlos Llamosa, Roy Lassiter, Carlos Hermosillo MLS Star
>>> I need to swing by the card shop and buy the rest of these.  I paid 25 cents a pack, and they made the semis.  These three packs combined were cheaper than any one pack in the bracket.  How sick is that.  That's right, almost as sick as the blond 'fro.  But really, you highlight a blond 'fro with a dark 'stache, and you're a stud in my book. 

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