Sunday, March 27, 2011

My first video pack break

I finally got around to recording myself opening some packs.  I don't have a webcam, so it's just my plain digital camera on a mini-tripod.  The quality isn't that great, but I wasn't expecting a whole lot.

I also scanned the inserts/parallels:

Masao Kida RC Refractor (1:12 packs)

Not exactly the greatest card to get a refractor of, but not bad anyway.  Kida played just a few games for 3 teams: Tigers, Dodgers, and Mariners.  Before, in between, and after, he played in Japan for several years.  He currently plays for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.  The MLB totally needs a team called the Ham Fighters.

Albert Belle Milestones #0200/1400

So the back of this card predicted Belle would reach 1,500 RBI in 2002, with a total of 1,019 by the end of 1998.  It also says that he could possibly reach 1,844 and crack the all-time top 10.  I'm going to go with NO.  He ended up finishing with 1,239. 

Mickey Morandini Gold Refractor #043/100 (1:57 packs)

The big hit of the pack, even if it is Mickey Morandini.  There's gotta be a Morandini super collector out there that wants this...or maybe just a Cubs fan?

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mmmrhubarb said...

Hey, nice sound at least. Add a lamp nearby and I think it'd be fine.