Monday, March 7, 2011

Bracket Contest down to the second round!

The first round of the bracket contest is complete, and here is what the semifinal round looks like:

Three of the 8 WildCard slots moved on to the second round which surprised me a bit.  The 2009 Bowman draft sported the only hit of the tournament with a Jason Knapp auto.  With the exception of 2008 Upper Deck X, the left half of the bracket appears to be the stronger side, but only one pack will make the finals from each side. Here are the players left in the contest:

A2 Wolverine
Jonathan @ RGB Cards
Mark (the green card)
Dipayan Banerjee
Matt H.

Congratulations to those who are still alive, and sorry to those who lost.   I'll be posting the two semifinal groups for voting in a few days, so be on the lookout.  There might be some new prize additions as well!

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Derek said...

Woohoo #4 seed! Lets make a strong push and clinch this thing!!!