Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Finals...and a mini-contest

The bracket contest has reached the finals, where just two packs remain.  For the finals, the voting will be done a little differently than before.  Votes must be submitted to me via email (my email address can be found in my profile on the sidebar).  One vote per person. Voting will be open until 12:01 PM on Monday March 21.  Now for the incentive:

Each person that votes will be given one entry for a chance to win a small prize package suiting their collecting desires (if you collect Yankees, you'll get Yankees, if you collct 2011 Topps, you'll get 2011 Topps, if you collect Hockey, you'll get 1987 Topps Baseball...j/k I have a decent selection from most sports) A second entry will be granted for explaining why you voted for the pack.  The entries will be entered into know the drill. 

The two finalists, A2 Wolverine and Dipayan Banerjee, you aren't eligible to vote, as I am assuming your votes will cancel each other, and since both of you already will be receiving prizes.

Without further delay, here are the finals:

#16: 2009 Bowman Draft Pack (A2 Wolverine)
BDP34 Drew Sutton RC
BDPP48 Robert Hefflinger
BDPP25 Brock Holt
BDPP72 Brian Moran Gold
BDPW14 Pedro Lazo WBC Chrome
BDP46 Trevor Crowe RC Chrome Refractor
BPA-JK Jason Knapp Autograph
>>> Just more proof that the auto is king. 

Wild Card 6 1999-00 Finest Basketball Series 1 Pack (Dipayan Banerjee):
  Chauncey Billups,
  Corliss Williamson,
  Tracy McGrady,
  Reggie Miller,
  Finest Producers Charles Barkley,
  Paul Pierce Sensations
>>> Finest lives up to its name.  I'm glad a wildcard pack made the finals.

Good Luck!

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Whaa... wait, what happened to the semifinals?! Dang!