Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Contest Bracket Round 1 Groups 7 and 8

Ok, we're almost done with the first round so let's get these last two groups done.

Group 7:

#3 2010 UD Greats of the Game Pack (Dan):
  Shareef Abdur-Rahim,
  Derrick Rose,
  Larry Johnson,
  George Karl,
  Hakeem Olajuwon Big Man on Campus
>>> Personally, I really like these cards, especially from the Dollar Tree.  They didn't get too many great reviews when they came out, which I can understand, but I like 'em.  D-Rose has a great shot at MVP this year, George Karl has been impressive in overcoming cancer, Hakeem is probably the perfect player for a BMOC insert, LJ was the man, and Shareef...well, doesn't fit in with this group I don't think.

Wild Card 6 1999-00 Finest Basketball Series 1 Pack (Dipayan Banerjee):
  Chauncey Billups,
  Corliss Williamson,
  Tracy McGrady,
  Reggie Miller,
  Finest Producers Charles Barkley,
  Paul Pierce Sensations
>>> This was a pretty nice pack.  Chauncey shows up in a Nuggets jersey (his first stint).  I can't believe the Nuggets just traded him; he deserved to keep playing in Denver.  T-Mac was actually good at basketball when this card was made.  Reggie made news recently...but only because Ray Allen passed him for #1 all-time in treys.  The Paul Pierce Sensations is a decent card, I guess, though I've never really thought he was that great.  Best card is easily Sir Charles.  Who doesn't love the Round Mound of Rebound.  Seriously, you try being 6'4", 478 pounds and play in the pro's.

#14 1998 Skybox Metal Universe (Offy):
  156 Eric Young
  155 Edgar Renteria
  46 Justin Thompson
  157 Darin Erstad
  104 Charles Nagy
  66 John Olerud
  94 Tim Salmon
  211 Hideo Nomo Hardball Galaxy
>>> First off, I love that Offy went against the grain by picking these with the first overall pick.  Second, the Hideo Nomo may be my favorite card from this entire contest. The best thing about these cards is the background, since each player has a random background, yet somehow Tim Salmon ended up under water with some sealife...pun intended I suppose.

#19 2008 Gridiron Gear Football Pack (Eric L):
  Trent Edwards
  Larry Johnson
  Jason Campbell
  Plaxico Burress
  Brian Urlacher
>>> This pack makes me want to shoot myself in the leg. 

Group 8:

#11 1999 Finest Series 2 2 Packs (Jason C):
  Pack 1:
  David Ortiz
  Bobby Jones
  Brad Fullmer
  Edgar Renteria
  Eric Chavez
  Ivan Rodriguez Gamers
  Pack 2:
  Jose Offerman
  Mike Cameron
  Edgardo Alfonso
  Will Clark
  Aramis Ramirez
  Barry Bonds Gamers
>>> This was a little like the twilight zone since I didn't open much between 1995-2005:  Big Papi as a Twin, Will Clark as an O, Aramis Ramirez as a Pirate.  The two Gamers inserts weren't bad, Pudge and the HR King (a surefire first-ballot unanimous HOFer...oh, wait.). 

#22 1996 Pacific Crown Collection Pack (Dayf):
  140 Edgardo Alfonzo
  59 Jason Bates
  215 Scott Cooper
  295 Sandy Alomar Jr
  378 Wade Boggs
  283 Luis Andujar
  211 JR Phillips
  126 Cliff Floyd
  48 Ron Gant
  289 Dave MArtinez
  217 Allen Watson
  415 Jay Buhner 
>>> Me gusta el diseno de tarjeta de Pacific Crown Collection.  Jay Buhner esta un burro malo. 

I like the Pacific Crown Collection card design .  Jay Buhner is a bad ass.

1999 Finest Series 1 2 Packs (Thorzul):
  Pack 1:
  Juan Gonzalez
  John Wetteland
  Mark McGwire
  Nomar Garciaparra
  David Segui
  Eric Chavez Sensations
  Pack 2:
  Dmitri Young
  Jeromy Burnitz
  Rondell White
  Rod Beck
  Alex Gonzalez Rookies
  Split Screen Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa (McGwire half is a refractor)
>>> It's a Big Mac party right here.  The split screen cards is so awesome.  It's got the homerun race, and the winner's half is a refractor.  How perfect is that.  Good to see Dmitri, a fellow card collector.  and Nomah!...I love his pose on this card, as he watches what he thinks is a home run fall short of the warning track.  As for Big Mac's pose?...that ball is embedded in a car door somewhere in the next county. Is that Strasburg?!?! oh, no it's Rod Beck, sorry I saw the inverted W and got excited.

Wild Card 3 1999 UD MLS 3 Packs (Matt H.):
  Pack 1: Roman Kosecki, Marco Etcheverry Year In Review, Jerzy Podbrozny, Eddie Pope, Alexi Lalas MLS Stars
  Pack 2: Marco Etcheverry Scoring Leaders, Carlos Valderrama World All-Stars, Marco Etcheverry, John Doyle, Mauricio Cienfuegos MLS Stars
  Pack 3: Peter Nowak, Stern John Year in Review, Carlos Llamosa, Roy Lassiter, Carlos Hermosillo MLS Star
>>> I really like these packs.  A lot of MLS stars in there.  Oh, and the Hideo Nomo Hardball Galaxy card just lost its title as greatest card in the tournament to Carlos Valderrama.  It realy wasn't a fair fight, what with Valderrama's blond afro and dark 'stache.

Ok, that should do it for the first round.  Voting is up on the sidebar.  Good luck!

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