Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My first Diamond Giveaway codes

I finally got around to redeeming the five Diamond Giveaway cards I got in various rack packs and looseys.  My loot from Topps' first giveaway experiment is on its way, so I should be able to show off some of that soon.  I didn't have any major luck the first time around, my oldest card was a '68 I believe, and I redeemed like 20 or so codes.  I did manage to trade for some stuff I really wanted, so it was worth it in the end.  I hadn't seen anyone pull anything older than early '70s by the time I entered my first diamond codes (though I have seen a few '60s posted now).  My first 5 cards:

1986 Buddy Biancalana
1993 Mitch Williams
2006 Brandon Claussen
1988 Rafael Belliard
1995 Kevin Seitzer

This time around, once you get up to 5, you get a bonus card and dig.  If you notice the pattern above ('86-'93 is 7 years, '93-'06 is 13 years, and '88-'95 is 7 years), I would guess that my bonus 6th card is going to be something from 1995+13=2008.  Let's see:

1967 Joel Horlen
One of the few times in life where I was way wrong and happy about it.  It's not a huge hit by any means, but based on what I've seen so far, I'm ecstatic to pull a '67.

As for the dig feature, it's a neat bonus and adds a little depth to the whole concept, but I'm not sure I really get it. My six rings:

Milwaukee Brewers, Washington Nationals, St. Louis Browns, Cincinnati Redlegs (x2), Washington Senators.

Not bad; four of the six were old school teams.  Once the trading is available, I'll hopefully be able to trade my virtual Redlegs double for something else that has no meaning other than I can look at it on the internet.  Like I said, I don't fully get it. 


Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'll trade you the Redlegs for one of my *THREE* Orioles rings.

dawgbones said...

They definitely don't have the bugs out yet as I've redeemed 5 codes and also got a second Buffalo Bisons ring. My first three "cards" were from the 90s (Bill Swift 1990, Jason Marquis 2007, Jose Rijo 1992), the 5th card was better (Angels Checklist Card 1978), but number 4 is the oldest I've seen (Jerry Lynch 1959). I too am waiting on the first Trasmogrifier card delivery.

Spankee said...

@Jonathan, I'm sure trading is going to be interesting with the rings, since it's such a limited set. I think it's going to be a much faster process than card trading.

@Dawgbones, a '59 is pretty darn nice.

Anonymous said...

I started yesterday finding any cards I could find and wound up with (After trading)

1981 Rich Murray
1969 Frank Bertaina
1983 Willie McGee
1989 Team Leaders Padres
1986 Alan Trammell
1976 Fred Norman
1992 Tom Glavine
1979 Tom Hume
1980 Mike Ivie
1986 Ozzie Smith
1976 Pepe Mangual
1979 Jon Matlack
1976 Jon Matlack
1979 Bob Robertson
1976 Jack Pierce

White Sox
Blue Jays


Reggie Jackson