Wednesday, March 30, 2011

4 Packs of 2009 Bowman Draft Picks and best hit this year.

I've got like 30+ packs that I've opened and scanned that I will be posting over the next few months.  I would say I'd do another bracket contest, but let's face it, whoever picked the 1994 Upper Deck Street Fighter pack would easily win. Actually, seeing as how the 2009 Bowman Draft pack with an auto won the last one, I'm going to say these packs have a pretty good chance...hint, hint...

I picked these 4 packs of 2009 Bowman DPP out of the $1.59 bin at Target a couple weeks ago.  I was actually out in Dawgbones' neck of the woods, so I kinda feel bad for snagging these bad boys out of his Target.

Pack 1:
Fernando Martinez RC,
Kyle Blanks RC,
Ben Orloff Prospect Chrome,
Clayton Mortenson RC Chrome,
David Hale Prospect,
Chase Austin Prospect,
Kent Matthes Gold Prospect
>>> Well, that started off as a typical DPP pack: I didn't recognize a single name.

Pack 2:
Trevor Bell RC,
Ryan Sadowski RC,
Derek McCallum Prospect Chrome,
David Hale Prospect Chrome,
Christopher Lovett Prospect,
Sequoyah Stonecipher Prospect,
Brooks Pounders Gold Prospect
>>> I only recognize one name, Sequoyah Stonecipher, from this pack, and that's only because I've seen other bloggers comment about his name.

Pack 3:
Jeff Stevens RC,
Brent Leach RC,
Kyle Blanks Chrome RC,
Andrew Bellati Prospect,
Brandt Walker Prospect,
Dustin Dickerson Gold Prospect. 
>>> Dammit, still don't recognize any names AND I got shorted a Chrome card!  This last pack better be really good or I am going to be pissed.

Pack 4:
Fu-Te Ni RC,
Bud Norris RC,
Erik Castro Prospect Chrome,
Jared Mitchell Prospect Chrome Refractor Auto #173/500,
Cory Burns Prospect,
Derek McCallum Prospect,
Tommy Hanson RC Gold
>>> KA-BLAM.  Before I get to the goods, let me just say the Hanson Gold RC is pretty nice.  Ok, on to the goods.  I'm thinking, hey, that's a nice looking card AND it's a numbered refractor, who doesn't love that.  Jared Mitchell, hmmm...that name sounds kinda familiar...<>...Oh, that's right, he's only the 2009 College World Series Most Outstanding Player and first-round pick of the Chicago White Sox.  Easily one of the best auto's from the set, not to mention my second retail auto from 2009 Bowman DPP, and I've only bought 5 packs.  This card is the hit of the year for me, so far, and likely will be for the rest of the year unless I hit something awesome in Allen and Ginter this year. This card has been going on eBay in the $20-$30 range just recently.

I gotta admit, this card is awesome looking.  The coloring of the card, the refractory goodness, a decent picture, the thick blue ink, and a nice signature all work for me.  On-card auto's rule. 


Anonymous said...

Great pull man. Awesome looking card.

beardy said...

Nice pull. In my opinion, there are few cards finer than Bowman refractor autos (the ones that are hard-signed of course)!

dawgbones said...

Very nice... STAY out of my TARGET!!!

too funny... couldn't resist!!

cubsfan731 said...

Hold the Stevens card for me, for whenever we trade again.