Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contest Bracket, Semifinal #1

The contest has finally made it to the semifinals.  Here is the first group:

#16: 2009 Bowman Draft Pack (A2 Wolverine)
BDP34 Drew Sutton RC
BDPP48 Robert Hefflinger
BDPP25 Brock Holt
BDPP72 Brian Moran Gold
BDPW14 Pedro Lazo WBC Chrome
BDP46 Trevor Crowe RC Chrome Refractor
BPA-JK Jason Knapp Autograph
>>> The auto held strong in the first round, but can it survive the second round?  If Knapp was a surefire Major Leaguer then it would probably be the winner hands down, but since he's hovering in A-ball, this auto might not have the staying power. 

#8 2008 Upper Deck X 2 Packs (Kev2380):
  Pack 1: Ichiro, Brandon Webb, Jonathan Papelbon, Conor Jackson Die Cut, Albert Pujols Xponential 3, Yankee Stadium Legacy 6661 Jorge Posada.
  Pack 2: Jason Bay, Kosuke Fukudome RC, Adam Dunn, Carl Crawford Die Cut, Hanley Ramirez Xponential 3, Yankee Stadium Legacy 3649 Joe Pepitone.
>>> The fact that UD X made the semis speaks to the randomness of the groupings.  I like the set, but I'm not sure that goes for everyone.  The Xponential 3's are nice looking horizontals, and Pujols and Ramirez are some of the best insert subjects, but I don't know that these packs have what it takes.

#4 2010 Topps Chrome Value Pack (Derek):
  Pack 1: Brandon Phillips, Curtis Granderson, Torii Hunter, Francisco Liriano
  Pack 2: Carlos Gonzalez, Bobby Abreu, Shane Victorino, Chris Carpenter Xfractor
  Pack 3: Jon Lester, Manny Ramirez, JA Happ, James Shields Refractor
  Orange Refractors: David Wright, Jon Lester, Delmon Young
>>> This wasn't the best 2010 Chrome Value Pack out there, but a bad value pack of chrome is still a good problem to have.  Damn, the orange looks good on a Mets card. 

#5 1999 Bowman's Best 3 Packs (Jonathan @ RGB):
  Pack 1: Troy Glaus, Chipper Jones BP, Todd Walker, Paul O'neill, Nomar Garciaparra, Tony Torcato RC
  Pack 2: John Patterson, Brad Fullmer, Derek Jeter BP, Roger Clemens BP, Ken Griffey Jr. BP, Bobby Seay RC
  Pack 3: Javy Lopez, Jeff Bagwell, Randy Johnson, Carlos Pena RC, Ray Lankford Refractor #269/400, John Patterson Atomic Refractor #006/100
>>> I think these are the strongest packs left, I mean, you're looking at 5 HOFers, at least, one of the better rookies in the set, a number refractor, and a pretty rare numbered Atomic refractor.  It's taken everything in me not to go back to the card shop and buy the rest of the 1999 Bowman's Best.

That does it for semifinal #1, voting is up on the sidebar. 

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