Friday, April 12, 2013

2001 SP Top Prospects

I've shown these on several occasions and always enjoyed them.  I recently grabbed the last 5 or 6 packs from the LCS bargain bin.  The checklist is pretty good, though I didn't expect any hits since I got one in a pack around Christmas.  Still, I always get a little excited when I read on the pack, "Look for Super Collectible Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan Memorabilia Cards!" 

You know, because in real life you never pull Alex Escobar, Chris Wakeland, JJ Davis, Jackson Melian, or Jason Romano relics, you always get the Griffey and Jordan relics.

I didn't scan any base cards this time around, but I would like to in the future, if you trade them to me.  Check out my want list here.

I got two inserts, one crappy:

and one nice:

Oh yeah...

...since I was looking for a Jordan relic, I went ahead and pulled one:

When I saw that I had a hit, it didn't even cross my mind that it would be Jordan. Holy crap.  This is one of the coolest cards I've ever pulled.  However, I don't plan on keeping it, so it is for sale or for trade.  It'll be a good start toward my A&G purchase this summer.


The Diamond King said...

You cheater! I'd offer to trade for it, but there is no way I have anything cool enough.

Brad's Blog said...

What kind of card would it take to trade for that jordan? I would definitely like a crack at it(pun intended) brauer144 at gmail dot com

Dennis said...

You can tell that Jordan bat is legit because there's no hint it ever touched a baseball. Nice pull!

Corky said...

It is actually a pretty cool pull, it may not be worth a ton but there are not many Jordan bat relics around so a nice addition for any MJ fans.


That is pretty cool! Nice pull.