Thursday, April 4, 2013

A pair of ebay Hokies

I was searching for some former Hokies on ebay and came across an Eddie Royal jersey card that was cheap with free shipping and no bids, so I took advantage.  In the end, at just over $1, I won.  I'd say that's a good deal.  After winning, though I got that feeling that I already owned the card.  As it turns out, I owned the refractor version, so all is well!

The real reason I was on ebay, though, was to look for a DeAngelo Hall Captain Patch.  I got a Julius Peppers patch from a blaster I used in my football contest and thought it looked really nice.  I found a good auction for a DeHall patch and ended up winning for $0.99 plus $2.50 shipping.

Now that I have the card in person, I really really like it.  This card did have a little ebay story to it, though.  The seller had 0 feedback, and based on what he was selling, it seemed like he could be a first timer (not just an old seller with a new name).  Sometimes 0 feedback is risky, but it wasn't exactly a break-the-bank card. I was disappointed to find that the card came between two top loaders in a PWE.  However, by the time I got online, I had an email from the seller with an apology saying he was a first time seller and really didn't know what he was doing.  He had already refunded the shipping cost.  Apparently some of the other buyers had contacted him and weren't pleased, but they at least took time to give him some advice on shipping.  I added my best piece of advice (use blue tape!!!) as well.  I'm pretty laid back, so none of it really bothered me.  I was happy that the seller got good feedback and will hopefully plan better in the future.

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