Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No cards till!




I won't be buying new cards until A&G comes out in mid-July.  That's nearly three months.  Of course, there are exceptions.  Any cards I need for my Bryan Randall and Scott Sizemore supercollections that show up within reason will be purchased.  I will also allow purchases of things that just simply can't be passed up.  Think "discounted 2011 GQ blaster".  I may pick up one or two packs of new products, like Bowman and Series 2 when they come out.  No jumbo packs, no hobby packs, no blasters, etc.  

Don't worry, though, I have a huge box of stuff I've opened but haven't posted.  So, you probably won't even notice anything is different.  


Cardhobbyist said...

I can hear the Beastie Boys in my head as I read this.

JediJeff said...


Now you don't just need it in your head.

Brad's Blog said...

I read this post at work today, no one understood my sudden outburst of beastie boys