Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm glad he just sent me the Randoms.

Josh of Royals and Randoms recently sent me some stuff.  The main reason was to send me a Topps coin for my set that I needed after my Collector's Cache box.

Sweet.  I'm now just three coins short of the set.  19, 22, 45.

He also hit my baseball player PCs:

Love the Wright cameo on the Hairston.

My favorite cards from this package, though, we're Hokies.  Most notably, he sent me my first Eugene Chung and Will Furrer cards.

When I see the Chung in the middle of the bottom row, I instantly think of the sumo wrestler from The Replacements.

Thanks, Josh!

1 comment:

Josh D. said...

What an odd world we live in. You had 0 Eugene Chung cards and somehow I had 3. This makes no sense. ;-)

Glad you liked it!
-Josh D.