Friday, April 5, 2013

Shoebox Card #18

Another great looking Dream Team card. 

If you follow college basketball, you likely know by now that Barry's son, Shane, plays for Miami. 

You may also know that Larkin got beaten out by VT's Erick Green for the ACC Player of the Year award this year.  That's all. Go Hokies! Sad to see Erick Green go.


Marian said...
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Anonymous said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with Barry Larkin, Shane Larkin, Erick Green or baseball in general; but I can not stop looking at your new header and laughing at the Sanchez "buttfumble". Pure genius my friend...pure genius. I award you 1 million blogger points.

Spankee said...

@cardanathema - Haha, I guess that answers who that first comment was from.

Sparky Piniella said...

Well I am obligated to chime in and praise your card choice tonight. I had more Score than anything and more Larkins than anyone as a kid. Go Redlegs!