Monday, April 8, 2013

2012 Panini Triple Play

I've been holding on to these packs for a long time now.

I posted a few of these in advance of Christmas, but left the majority sitting in a shoebox.  I originally had 24 of each (white and silver).  I didn't buy boxes of them, it just happened that over the course of several months I threw 24 of each color into the cart at random times.  For this post, I'm down to just 22 white packs and 21 silver packs. 

Don't worry, I'm only showing a handful of cards.  First, the cards that interested me:

David Wright also appears in the set, but I didn't get any of his cards.  The collation on these cards was pretty annoying.  There were definite patterns in certain packs.  I like the puzzle idea in the set, and I'm really glad that Panini laid out the set such that the 9-card puzzles would fall properly in binder pages.  The down side is that I need 9 Justin Upton pieces for my set and I also want 9 JU pieces for my collection...oh well.

The rest of the cards were pretty unique, too.

 I think all of these are great additions for kids and older collectors alike. 

I've posted my want list here.

Lastly, I got one "hit".  I got one of the Real Feel cards.

Personally, I am a huge fan of these cards.  I think they accomplish exactly what they are supposed to.  My absolute favorite thing about them, though, is the back:

Look at all those words!  The content of the writing is excellent, even though the quality of the writing isn't.  These are perfect cards for a kid-centric set.

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