Saturday, September 22, 2012

Taking my share of Nachos.

Nachos Grande's group break, that is.  I was one of the lucky few who got in early on Chris's Topps Mini (and Fleer Impact) break.   It sold out very quick.  I picked up the Athletics hoping to score a Scott Sizemore, and maybe also a sellable Cespedes.  I was also randomed the Padres.

I ended up getting all but 4 of the Oakland A's base cards.  1 of those 4 was Scott Sizemore.  Oh well (I've since bought the base, gold, and black/silver/platinum Sizemore on eBay). 

I did get a Cespedes RC, so it wasn't horrible.  I got significantly fewer Padres:

I love that Blanks card.

As for inserts, I got an Eck Golden Moments:

I also got a Tony Gwynn Golden Moments, and beat the odds by getting two of the gold #/61 cards (for the Padres, my random team, ironically).

I didn't bother to scan the Fleer Impact cards I got.  I wasn't really concerned with those, and didn't really get anything crazy.

Anyway, thanks for the group break Chris.  It was awesome.

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