Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Allen & Ginter Box 3 Part 2

Pack 9:
43 Josh Johnson
69 Kurt Suzuki
216 Corey Hart
30 Carlos Zambrano
153 Robinson Cano
NNO Willow Cove Trainyard Murder in Willow Cove
75 Erin Andrews Mini A&G Back
319 Adam Wainwright Short Print

>>> Erin Andrews is, hands down, the hottest chick in 2012 A&G.  Don't give me that Kate Upton BS.  The only thing weirder than Kate Upton's face is Kate Upton's boobs.

Pack 10:
56 Jordan Pacheco
215 Dan Haren
279 Brett Gardner
94 Geovany Soto
206 Joey Votto
5 David Price
225 Roger Maris Mini
WIN13 Carl Demonte Crawford What's in a Name

Pack 11:
161 Freddie Freeman
109 Tim Lincecum
7 Mickey Mantle
136 Jacoby Ellsbury
229 Ichiro 
WTB8 40 Wall Street World's Tallest Buildings
PB-9 Jesus People of the Bible
325 Frank Robinson Short Print

>>> I think I might stick the Jesus card in my wallet.  It seems like it may come in handy to have Jesus in my back pocket.

Pack 12:
72 Joakim Soria
259 Wade Davis
231 Todd Helton
123 Adam Lind
AGA-BA Brett Anderson Framed Autograph
282 Carlos Quentin Mini
WIN69 Felix Abraham Hernandez What's in a Name

>>> With Carlos Quentin being the subject of my first hit, it's only appropriate that his mini card usher in the second hit.  I'm glad I waited until now to show this box.  Anderson is finally playing this season and has been nasty in his last four starts.

Pack 13:
4 Yu Darvish
82 Giancarlo Stanton
266 Carlos Ruiz
72 Joakim Soria
259 Wade Davis
BH-17 Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball Highlight Sketch
314 Michael Buffer Mini SP
336 Gio Gonzalez Short Print

>>> In a low whisper, "Let's get ready to rumble!!!"...get it...because it's a mini.  Gio knows what's up.

Pack 14:
163 Tom Seaver
221 Carlos Marmol
66 Yadier Molina
170 Don Mattingly
25 Shin-Soo Choo
203 Ian Kinsler
35 David Ortiz Mini A&G Back
WIN77 David Taylor Price What's in a Name

>>> David Ortiz mini = Jumbo shrimp.

Pack 15:
204 Adam Dunn
18 Kevin Youkilis
57 Michael Pineda
212 Ken Griffey Jr.
208 Martin Prado
HTP4 The Reformation     Historical Turning Points
141 Vance Worley Mini Black Border
345 Nolan Ryan Short Print

>>> Poor Vance possible way to look cool compared to Badasstros Nolan Ryan.

Pack 16:
231 Todd Helton
123 Adam Lind
45 Ewa Mataya
172 Chris Perez
213 Joe Nathan
154 Bob Hurley Sr.
GD-4 Narwhal  Giants of the Deep
WIN96 Osborne Earl Smith What's in a Name

>>> "Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad."  "Thanks, Mr. Narwhal."  Is it Christmas yet?

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Josh D. said...

Hello, Arctic Puffin.

I'm glad someone else is an E.A. fan. I don't get the Kate Upton...