Friday, September 21, 2012

Group Break: 2007 Artifacts Box 1

Here are the hits for the first box of 2007 UD Artifacts in the group break:

So, the first hit of the break goes to the Cubs, the second goes to the Cardinals, and the third goes to the Mets.

The Piazza is from 2005 UD Reflections. So, the National League takes all three relics from the first box.  How about the auto?

Well, it does goes to Chicago, but the AL version this time.  Congrats to Jeff and his Chicago teams for getting half of the first box, even if the Piazza and Edmonds are the 2 best cards.


BA Benny said...

Great Start for the Mets, keep it rolling for them.

Thanks for such a large break, I know how much work it is.

Jeff Laws said...

Wow, love the Iguchi card. Can't wait to see it in my hands. Great start to the break.

madding said...

Awesome! Another great Edmonds card for my collection. I am already considering this a win.