Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Group Break - Last Call

Check out the group break page for some last minute pricing.  Send me an offer.

By the way, I added some new stuff to the break yesterday.  A couple more early 2000s hobby packs, 3 more CardRageous boxes (which are soo fun, as you will see), and a couple more 2012 Heritage Minors hobby packs (with a hit!).  We're up over 3,000 cards for the break now, with somewhere in the mid-40s for hits.

I plan to close team purchasing tomorrow, and try to get some cards posted this weekend. 

My planned format for the break will be to post a few things as I go (cool cards, maybe some numbered cards, maybe a hit or two or seven, I dunno).  Then, once I have it all sorted, I will go team-by-team showing the goods. For the unclaimed teams, I'll probably show off some cards that you missed out on.  As a side note, I purchased some Artifacts boxes for myself, in addition to the ones in the group break.  I will be posting the hits from those on the blog at some point, so don't be confused.  All cards for the break will be clearly marked as "Group Break" cards in the title and in the post.

Oh yeah, if you can send me this card:

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter #77 Joba Chamberlain

I'll give you $2 off the next team you purchase.

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