Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 Topps Football

Now that college football is in full swing and the NFL has finished week 1, it's a great time to post some 2012 Topps Football.  So far, I've picked up 5 retail packs, 1 rack pack, and 2 HTA jumbos.

I like the design this year with the team colors.  I also dig the All-Pro stamps.  There are also some award-winner stamps, that are also nice:

As usual, there are a fair chunk of rookies.  Most notably, I picked up the top 5 draft picks:

My favorite rookie (and only Hokie I got) was David Wilson:

I managed 4 gold parallels, but only 2 teams:

If you're going to get 2 Vikings guys, Allen and Harvin are certainly the ones to get.  The gold foil stamp looks pretty cool on the Allen, too.  From one of the jumbos fell a black parallel #/57:

On the plus side, it's a rookie, but unfortunately, he's on the Titan's PUP list, so we won't see him in action for a while.

As for inserts, they reprinted some top QB RCs, of which I got five (six actually, but 2 were Elway):

Speaking of QB RCs, I got these two inserts of Luck and RGIII:

The luck is a WalMart blue rookie insert.  Pretty cool, actually.  The best insert set by far, though, is the retro Tall Boy set:

The last thing to show is the Topps GameTime Giveaway:

You get to unlock tokens or cards, and you can use the tokens to play a contest based on season results or something.  Oh well, I entered my codes hoping to get a card.  I did manage to get one card out of four codes, so it was worth it.

Not spectacular, but not bad.  He'll probably see some playing time this season with Vick being injury prone.

This should be the first of many football posts throughout the season as I have amassed quite a few packs from an assortment of products.

All cards (other than the David Wilson RC) are for trade.


Play at the Plate said...

I don't do football, but the TallBoys are pretty cool.

Colbey Hopper said...

If you're building the set let me know as I have plenty to trade!