Monday, September 17, 2012

Group Break: reduced pricing

C'mon guys, we can get a few more teams sold, can't we? 

I've updated prices.

Also, if you buy multiple teams, take $2 off for each additional team.

If you're one of the original 9 buyers (Kirk, Madding, Jeff, BA Benny, Carlos, Jason, Robert, Josh, Dimwit), make it $3 off each additional team.

We're talking most teams are the price of a blaster or less for at least 50 75 cards (That's right, I'll make sure you get at least 75 cards, see here for how teams fared last year.) and a good chance at one or more of the 40+ hits. 

Not satisfied with the price? Make me an offer and maybe we can work something out. 

4 billion Dodger collectors, and no one wants them? Really?.

More than 500 of these cards are from 2012 sets.

4 2 of the 6 first place teams are still available? Really? Reds, Rangers, Giants, Nationals...all $20 or less.

Where are all the Orioles fans?

I'm sure we can at least get some more teams sold, can't we?

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