Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another killed Dimwit group break...

Ok, so I didn't kill it like I did last time, but I did pretty well.

I bought the Reds and Rays, and was assigned the Nationals (woohoo) and Marlins.  I was really happy to pick up the Nats since I considered buying them.  I ended up with four cards for my player collections:

As for randomed cards, I was granted this Goudey Sport Royalty Guy LaFleur:

I'm not a hockey guy, so it's available for trade.  The main reason I picked the Reds was to land some Griffeys, since 2008 SPx is a Griffey-loaded product. JABO already had the Mariners for the same reason.  I got two of the American Hero inserts as a result:

Both are serial numbered and the one on the right commemorates his 500th-career homer.

I ended doing really well with the SPx box as far as hits.  3 of the 10 hits came my way:

Not real exciting, but an auto nonetheless.

Now this is a pretty cool card.  Luis was a solid player, and you don't see a ton of Luis Gonzalez relics flying around.

The best hit, though, was proof that I made a good decision with the Reds:

A pinstriped Kid #/99.  Pretty darn sweet.  This break was definitely worth it.  Everything is for trade other than the Uptons and Zims at the top (not that you wanted those anyway).  I also have some base/parallels from the Goudey and Unique boxes for the Rays, Nats, Marlins, and Reds.

Sam and I also recently worked out a trade.  He sent me some sweet GQ minis:

To keep the Reynolds train going, he also sent an A&G relic:

Thanks, again, Sam, for the group break and trade.

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