Sunday, September 30, 2012

Group Break: 2007 Artifacts Box 3

Two down, two to go.

I'm showing the auto first, because it really doesn't hold up to the relics for this box.  At least Arias is still active.  In fact, he's batting .272 through 107 games for the Giants this year as a backup infielder.

Woohoo! Freddy Garcia!...haha, I know.  I would like to note, though, before Jeff gets excited, that the Garcia is a PHILLIES card (note the team name on the card, and that it's an NL card). 

The Jeter is pretty awesome.  I'm sure Kirk will be happy to have a nice Jeter relic. 

Lastly, I have to say I am dissappointed with Artifacts.  After Sam trashed the product, I thought for sure these boxes would spurn him.  But no, Artifacts decided to grace Sam with a sweet, shiny, Limited Craig Biggio Artifacts Apparel Jersey #/130. 

That was a pretty good box, given the strength of the relics.


The Dimwit said...

Hahaha... I stand by my trashing 100%... Lol... And that Biggio relic is awesome!

Jeff Laws said...

Just so you know, I would still put the Garcia in my White Sox collection. Even if the rules YOU made up don't. LOL

Not sure why my Google Reader lost this for 6 days but I did eventually see it. I'm still pumped about the Iguchi auto so Sweaty Freddy can go to the Phillies.