Monday, September 24, 2012

More Group Break Randomness

Here are some more random cards I came across in the group break:

The name is hard to see on the upper left card, but it says Hiawatha Terrell Wade (though really, his first name is spelled Hawatha).  It's an interesting name, made even more interesting by not being spelled like the Iroquois leader of the similar name. 

The star rookie up there is Christ Carpenter...which took me a while to decide it was in fact the Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals.  It's always cool to get prospect/rookie cards of guys who actually lasted in the league.

The Honeycutt is just cool because of the perspective and that he's signing autographs.  It makes me wonder what this scene would have looked like from afar with the photographer below everyone.

Of course, when talking rookie cards, is there any bigger rookie than Sammie So....hahaha.  Damn, I almost made it through that without laughing.  Congrats, Jeff, on your amazing Sosa RC.

That '90 Score Fletcher may be the worst vertical card ever.

I really like the Clark card with the rocks in the background, even if Jerald is doing his best Vic Power/Benjamin Buford Blue impression.

These wouldbe the definition of random.

Of course, no random card collection would be complete without minor league cards, especially food and product issues (ex. Kodak/Sully's Pub).  The Wichita Wranglers cards are from "Rock's Dugout Baseball Card Shop", which is still open in Wichita, Kansas.

This card brought back memories from my childhood.  I actually went to some Tides games for this team.  Of course, for you, Jeromy Burnitz, Ron Washington, and Clint Hurdle may be the only familiar names.  I got Clint Hurdle's autograph on a ball that year, but I have no idea where that ball ended up...likely hit over a fence somewhere.  The two most notable names, for me, though, are Steve Springer and DJ Dozier.  Springer was supposed to be the real deal back in 1992.  He hit a homer in one of the games I went to, and since I was 7 at the time, he became a name I would never forget.  Dozier, on the other hand, was a poor man's Bo Jackson.  He excelled in baseball and football, reaching both the NFL and MLB, albeit for brief periods.

Every group break should have team stickers.  Who doesn't love stickers?  The hologram ones are especially awesome.  I'm glad they scanned well.

 I'm sure I'll be back with some more group break goodies soon.


BA Benny said...

Great Tides card, I love it.

madding said...

I need to get my hands on more Blue Jays Carpenter cards.