Friday, September 14, 2012

Moneyball Group Break 2.0!!!

The My Cardboard Mistress Moneyball Group Break is back and bigger than last year. 

Last year's break had 22 hits.  This year's break has 40+ hits, including a printing plate.

For those of you who don't remember last year's group break, here's the deal:

1. All of these packs have been opened. I have opened them and put the cards back in the packaging because I didn't have time to sort them.  That doesn't mean that it is all crap.  There is some really good stuff in there, including the 40+ hits I mentioned above.  You can see the full listing of packs here.  I will likely be adding packs, as well.

2. I will be keeping cards from my wantlists.  Don't let this discourage you either.  There aren't many packs in there that have cards from my wantlists. The minor chunks would be players I collect and any Topps Giveaway codes.   To make up for that, I will trade you for the cards I want to keep.  I will trade heavily in your favor.  The trade doesn't have to be a specific team either (ie, you collect Red Sox, buy the Red Sox, and you also buy the Rays for fun.  I happen to pull a couple BJ Upton hinthint hits I want to keep, so I trade you some Red Sox hits).

3.  I will not guarantee that you will get a hit, but I will try to make sure you have at least one "pretty good" card.  I will guarantee that you will get at least 50 cards.  I will do my best to make sure you get good value.  I will add to your stack from my collection if you or I feel it is insufficient.If you look around the blogosphere at some of the break posts from last year, you'll see that many people had surprise cards in their packages.

4. Non-baseball and non-sport cards will be drafted. If they are hits, they will only be randomed to non-hit teams. Multiteam cards will be randomed (unless only 1 of the teams was purchased).

Unlike last year, I won't be going through posting every group of packs.  Instead, each team will get its own post highlighting the good, bad, and random. Also, for clarity's sake, I am in no way making money off of this group break.  The cards cost me well over the sum of the team prices.  If you insist on seeing a pack-by-pack breakdown of cost, let me know, and I'll send you an email.

The best part of this break is that I am doing it regardless of how many teams are purchased.  If only one team is sold, so be it.

"But Spankee, why do you say it is Moneyball-inspired in the title?"

Well, my friends, that is because the price for purchasing teams are based on the team's salary.  I'm not doing bidding this year, so the price is the price. 

According to my source, the lowest salary this years is the Padres at $55,244,700.  The highest is, of course, the Yankees at $197,962,289. I set the Padres at $15 and the Yankees at $30. I've taken the rest of the teams' salaries and used linear interpolation to figure out what their price should be.  I've then rounded the answer to the nearest dollar.

Team                    Payroll     Interp  Price
New York Yankees      197,962,289   30       $30
Philadelphia Phillies 174,538,938   27.54    $28
Boston Red Sox        173,186,617   27.40    $27
Los Angeles Angels    154,485,166   25.43    $25
Detroit Tigers        132,300,000   23.10    $23
Texas Rangers         120,510,974   21.86    $22
Miami Marlins         118,078,000   21.60    $22
San Francisco Giants  117,620,683   21.56    $22
St. Louis Cardinals   110,300,862   20.79    $21
Milwaukee Brewers      97,653,944   19.46    $19
Chicago White Sox      96,919,500   19.38    $
Los Angeles Dodgers    95,143,575   19.19    $19
Minnesota Twins        94,085,000   19.08    $19
New York Mets          93,353,983   19.01    $19
Chicago Cubs           88,197,033   18.46    $18
Atlanta Braves         83,309,942   17.95    $18
Cincinnati Reds        82,203,616   17.83    $18
Seattle Mariners       81,978,100   17.81    $18
Baltimore Orioles      81,428,999   17.75    $18
Washington Nationals   81,336,143   17.74    $18
Cleveland Indians      78,430,300   17.44    $17
Colorado Rockies       78,069,571   17.40    $17
Toronto Blue Jays      75,489,200   17.13    $17
Arizona Diamondbacks   74,284,833   17.00    $17
Tampa Bay Rays         64,173,500   15.94    $16
Pittsburgh Pirates     63,431,999   15.86    $16
Kansas City Royals     60,916,225   15.60    $16
Houston Astros         60,651,000   15.57    $16
Oakland Athletics      55,372,500   15.01    $15
San Diego Padres       55,244,700   15       $15

So, if you want a team, email me at (remove the XX's) and let me know.  I will put you down.  I will track the teams here: Group Break Page.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Holy crap! We paid that much money for this worthless as crap team this year!!

Mark A. said...

You had me at "linear interpolation".

The Dimwit said...

You had me at "40+ hits" haha!

Awesome, loved this break last year, loving it again this year!