Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 Allen & Ginter Box 4 Part 1 (Huge hit!)

Boxloader:RC-3 Rutschebanen Roller Coaster Cabinet

Pack 1:
32 Ben Zobrist
53 Hisashi Iwakuma
242 Alfonso Soriano
263 Jason Motte
137 George Brett
NNO Andy Modell Murder in Willow Cove
49 Jeremy Hellickson Mini
350 Howie Kendrick Short Print

Pack 2:
98 Nelson Cruz
278 Fatal1ty 
262 Justin Verlander
182 Colby Rasmus
220 James Brown
NNO Sigmund "Skip" Buttle Murder in Willow Cove
43 Josh Johnson Mini Black Border
308 Paul Konerko Short Print

Pack 3:
26 Hunter Pence
192 Brett Pill
127 Erick Aybar
117 Nick Swisher
180 Tim Federowicz
126 Justin Masterson
MBF-20 Shetland Sheepdog Man's Best Friend
WIN85 Michael Anthony Napoli What's in a Name

Pack 4:
2 Juan Pierre
29 Hanley Ramirez
37 James McDonald
27 Ricky Nolasco
114 Johan Santana
WTB8 40 Wall Street World's Tallest Buildings
9 Yonder Alonso Mini
315 Dellin Betances Short Print

Pack 5:
34 Alex Gordon
287 Hiroki Kuroda
61 Richard Petty
142 Jose Reyes
226 Jim Thome
78 Joe Mauer
FL-1 The First Lady Fashionable Ladies
WIN7 Chase Cameron Utley What's in a Name

>>> The First Lady is my second Fashionable Lady I have pulled.  The first was from a blaster.  It was also the very first one on eBay.  It also sold for the highest price of any Fashionable Lady card.  I've never had that happen before.

Pack 6:
267 Neftali Feliz
157 Roger Federer
105 Arnold Palmer
97 Max Scherzer
145 Drew Storen
BH-5 Brooks Robinson Baseball Highlight Sketch
256 Brandon Morrow Mini A&G Back
329 Billy Butler Short Print

Pack 7:
187 John Axford
248 Jed Lowrie
169 Mark Teixeira
183 Darwin Barney
64 Mat Latos
AGA-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. Framed Autograph
200 Matt Kemp Mini
WIN33 Atanasio Pérez Rigal What's in a Name

>>> Remember what I was saying about that Fashinable Lady?  Well, I was also the first person to list a Griffey A&G Auto on eBay, ever.  That meant it would go for a premium.  And it did.  With just this card, the Trout Rip card, and the Cabrera EXT mini, I actually made money on my 6 boxes.  When does that ever happen.  Of course, it pained me to sell this, because a Griffey A&G auto would be awesome, but I just couldn't not sell.  If it was card-in-hand, it would have been tougher, but the redemption made it a little easier. This is easily the biggest hit of my life.

Pack 8:
91 Grady Sizemore
223 CC Sabathia
275 Kerry Wood
119 Asdrubal Cabrera
294 Elvis Andrus
HTP2 The Battle of Waterloo   Historical Turning Points
MM-2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Musical Masters
343 Zack Greinke Short Print

>>> I'd say the first 1/3 of the box was successful.


Greg Zakwin said...

congrats on the Griff!

Nick said...

Excellent pull, congrats!

night owl said...

Where are these magical A&G boxes that some people get? I need a map.

Hackenbush said...


Dennis said...

Daaaaaaamn! Congrats on the pull and cashing in!

madding said...

Congrats! My Melky Cabrera relic is jealous.