Thursday, September 20, 2012

Group Break: First Look

I started sorting some cards, and wanted to show a handful of the interesting non-hit cards:

I actually already have that gold die cut Wang in my set, so I don't have to trade for it, which is nice. 

The Yankee Stadium Legacy cards from the 2008 UDX blaster were pretty decent with Jeter and Mo. 

I love those Goudey Heads Up cards. 

Paul Pierce is one of my least favorite basketball players of all time.  We could have gotten a better Sport Royalty card, but this blaster had some other decent stuff, too.

One of the mini parallels from the Goudey blaster was the Jay Bruce shown above, which is a great looking card.

I really dig the retro jerseys on the McCutchen, even though it looks just a little too baggy. 

The WBC card is Greg Halman, the guy that was killed by his brother in the Netherlands.  Sad story.

The Prince Fielder is just a cool card.  I love the view through the BP net.

Sure, the other M. T. on the Angels is all the rage, but this is a nice looking Trumbo RC. 

The Yaz is just a classy looking card.

As I was sorting cards, the Yankees were actually the last team to produce their first card.  By the end of my first sorting session, they had produced the most cards.  One team that stood out so far was the Padres, that seemed to have a fair chunk of cards from each item I went through. 

Anyway, I'll probably be posting the first Artifacts box in the next day or two, so be on the lookout.

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madding said...

Nice McCutchen card. I'm still missing a bunch of the Rookie Performers from that set, but at least I've got that one.