Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Sweet Spot

After all this time collecting BJ Upton, and a collection nearing 200 unique cards, I still didn't have an autograph.  I made it a point to pick one up on eBay, and sure enough, it didn't take long to find one I wanted.

2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Update #SS-BJ Sweet Spot Signatures #003/100 Red-Blue Stitch Red Ink

Now, I have autos of Verlander, BJ, Zimmerman, Cuddyer, Reynolds, and Sizemore in my collection, leaving Justin Upton and David Wright.  Those are going to be the hardest.  I was fortunate to get a pair of Sweet Spot Verlanders before he exploded, so I'm glad those are out of the way.

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Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet pickup! Good luck on J-Up and Wright!