Sunday, July 8, 2012

Contests Abound

I'm sure you all are aware of several contests going on out there. In fact, I have one going on right here on My Cardboard Mistress.  If you haven't entered, go here.  It's easy, and you could win a complete set of 1996 Collect-a-Card Centennial Olympic Games cards (and maybe other things). 

Also, head over to Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle to find out how to vote for Greg to win a Koufax auto.  I've voted several times already, and you should, too.  He is very deserving of the autograph.

The contest I really want to pimp here, though, is the one at Drew's Cards.  All you have to do to win some great Obak football cards is answer a few simple questions

As for my answers:

...your favorite African American Athlete of all time (any sport).
Bryan Randall...yeah yeah yeah, I know nobody has ever heard of him.  He was VT's quarterback when I first started school there.

...your smartest investment/purchase you have ever made (inside or outside of this hobby). 
Well, as far as investment goes, I did pick up a couple Verlander Sweet Spot autos before he exploded.  However, I wont see any cash for my investment because they aren't leaving my collection.  Outside of that, my best purchase was a box of 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History.  I got a freakishly good box that included a Joe DiMaggio Yankee Stadium Legacy Memorabilia card.  I paid $45 for the box, and the DiMaggio sold for $255. of your favorite stories having to do with this hobby.
My favorite story is doing a live pack break at the grave of Lewis Ginter, one of the two men behind Allen & Ginter.  I wrote about it here: thing you love about the hobby today as well as one thing you hate about it.
I love the blogging and collecting community and making trades.  I think one of the key elements of a good hobby is having folks to share it with.  The thing I hate about it is the price-per-card of almost every set that comes out.  The reliance on "hits" to carry a product has made pack prices rise.  Even retail versions with much longer odds don't increase the number of base cards.  I think the worst offender I've seen so far is 2012 Topps Archives. Given the low quality of the base cards, it should have had at least 15 base cards in a ~$3 pack.