Monday, July 16, 2012

2007 Ace Authentic Straight Sets Tennis Cards...and contest results.

Since I got my Allen and Ginter boxes, I also got the last 4 blasters of 2007 Ace Authentic Straight Sets tennis.  Altogether, my wife and I ripped 46 blasters.   She now understands how pack ripping is like crack.

She also enjoys sorting cards.  She also sorts about a billion times faster than I do.  When I sort, I can't hear anything in the background or think about anything.  I will screw up.  She manages to hold a conversation, watch tv, eat and sort all at once. Amazing.

Anyway, before I get to the contest results, I want to show off the base set.  I have a number of complete sets, so if you are interested in one, we can work up a deal.

The base cards are pretty nice.  They are quite thick and sturdy which is always appreciated.  The checklist is pretty good, too.  They included the Men's Big 3:

It's funny how the backgrounds don't really show up until you really look for them.  The player focus and shadow is a nice effect. Really, though, the 3 you came to see:

You gotta love the ladies in black.  Ashley Harkleroad appeared in Playboy in August 2008.  We can only hope that the other two make the same decision. 

 Including the Bryan brothers was great, although they really should have been sequentially numbered.

They weren't the only siblings, as they included the Safin(a) family:


Like any good set, it also mixed in some new faces:

and a bunch of veterans to cap out the set:

Now, on to the contest results:

1) I got 18 complete sets.  Novak Djokovic was the limiting card.  Congrats to Card Anathema for guessing 18.  Too bad, so sad for Dawgbones, who narrowly missed by guessing 17.

2) The card that occurred most often was Andy Roddick.  That made my wife very, very happy.  Congrats to Nick Pecucci on correctly guessing Roddick.  Too bad, so sad for FanOfReds and Night Owl for guessing Richard Gasquet, the second most common card.

3) I got 29 Andy Roddicks.  Collation was pretty darn good for these.  No one guessed 29, but Dawgbones was close yet again, guessing 30.

4) Roger Federer won Wimbledon.  Congrats to The Lost Collector, hiflew, and Greg Zakwin for guessing Federer.  lonestarr had Murray, the runner-up. 

5) Serena Williams won Wimbledon.  No one picked Serena.  Night Owl had Radwanska, who lost to Serena in the final.

So, we have a 5-way tie since no one got more than one answer correct.  Instead of the typical tiebreaker, I want it to be somewhat merit-based.  So,

Lost Collector, hiflew, Card Anathema, Nick Pecucci and Greg Zakwin:

Which of the players on the checklist is closest to my age? 

You may comment on this post with your answer.  You get one guess each hour until someone correctly guesses.  This post went up at 5:01pm.  Therefore, you get one guess between 5:01 and 6:01, one guess between 6:01 and 7:01, etc...


hiflew said...

Andy Roddick?

Nick said...

I'll say Roger Federer.


Greg Zakwin said...

James Blake

Greg Zakwin said...

2nd guess:

Robby Ginepri

hiflew said...

2nd guess

Marion Bartoli

hiflew said...

3rd guess

Robby Ginepri

This is actually a fun tiebreaker. I get to think a little.

Greg Zakwin said...

3rd guess:

Nadal, going the other way this time.

hiflew said...

I guess I should have thought a little more and not repeated a guess. LOL

Greg Zakwin said...

super-super tiebraker? haha.

Greg Zakwin said...

ignore my terrible spelling.


Greg Zakwin said...

4th guess:

Mike Bryan.

Spankee said...


hiflew wins with his second guess: Marion Bartoli

She's actually only 1 day older than I am.

hiflew said...

4th guess

Fernando Verdasco

hiflew said...

Oh cool I won when I typing my next guess. Sweet.

Nathan said...

Wow, I love the design on those cards, fantastic. Gonna have to get my hands on a few of the Canadians.

Also I'm gonna have to look into some of the newer tennis sets, I had no idea they were so nice. What do you recommend buying from recent releases?