Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Allen & Ginter Box 2 Part 3

The first 2 hits of the box were player relics.  Here's hoping for an auto or better...

Pack 17:
123 Adam Lind
45 Ewa Mataya
172 Chris Perez
213 Joe Nathan
154 Bob Hurley Sr.
NNO Bruce Klugman Murder in Willow Cove
115 Carlos Santana Mini
331 Carl Crawford Short Print

>>> Keeping with my anagram theory, Bruce Klugman becomes Bung Ream Luck.  I'm starting to question my theory.

Pack 18:
163 Tom Seaver
221 Carlos Marmol
66 Yadier Molina
170 Don Mattingly
25 Shin-Soo Choo
203 Ian Kinsler
130 Madison Bumgarner Mini A&G Back
WIN63 Rodney Cline Carew What's in a Name

>>> "and I've got mad hits like I was Rod Carew" - Beastie Boys.  Can't get enough of Ill Communication right now.

Pack 19:
181 Joe DiMaggio
76 Michael Bourn
52 Cameron Maybin
196 Lou Gehrig
20 Miguel Montero
WTB7 Chrysler Building World's Tallest Buildings
149 Wilson Ramos Mini Black Border
344 Matt Dominguez Short Print

Pack 20:
74 Johnny Cueto
49 Jeremy Hellickson
79 Yoenis Cespedes
200 Matt Kemp
AGA-CG Craig Gentry Framed Autograph
GD-14 Bottlenose Whale Giants of the Deep
WIN24 Ian Michael Kinsler What's in a Name

>>> Definitely a pack Play at the Plate would know, because he looks like a bottlenose whale! oohhh, burn!  An auto is typically nice, but this isn't the kaboom I was hoping for.

Pack 21:
193 Jackie Joyner-Kersee
235 Victor Martinez
108 J.P. Arencibia
81 Jerry Bailey
106 Bud Norris
BH-4 Ryne Sandberg Baseball Highlight Sketch
299 Jeff Niemann
341 Colby Lewis Short Print

Pack 22:
160 Shane Victorino
21 Matt Moore
296 Mark Trumbo
274 Derek Jeter
144 Joe Benson
63 Zach Britton
237 Al Unser Sr. Mini
WIN11 Torii Kedar Hunter What's in a Name

Pack 23:
74 Johnny Cueto
49 Jeremy Hellickson
79 Yoenis Cespedes
200 Matt Kemp
9 Yonder Alonso
HTP15 The First Flight at Kitty Hawk Historical Turning Points
300 Roberto Clemente Mini A&G Back
334 Adrian Beltre Short Print

>>> I absolutely love the First Flight card.  I may need to get a second copy to put on my desk at work.  I would love for A&G to put together an insert set of the greatest airplanes.  A set, similar to the Floating Fortresses of 2011, of planes such as the F-22, Concorde, SR-71, B-2, and especially X-43, would be incredible.

Pack 24:
59 Johnny Damon
16 Rulon Gardner
101 James Loney
272 Jose Tabata
58 Ryan Braun
164 Ike Davis
309 Bela Karolyi Mini SP
WIN75 Colbert Michael Hamels What's in a Name

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