Monday, July 23, 2012

My favorite in-person autographs.

When Fuji asked about my favorite in-person autograph experience, I knew exactly what to do.

I went upstairs, open the attic door, and dug out my middle school (grades 6-8) yearbooks.  You see, in middle school, getting yearbooks was a huge event, and getting all of your friends to sign was THE thing to do.  So, while I have shown off several Scott Sizemore autographs on this blog, I figured I would show off my three favorite:

"Adam, have a great summer.  I'll see you next year. Scott Sizemore"

Pretty simple and to the point.  The signature leaves something to be desired, though.  I'll cut him some slack since it was 6th grade and pretty much no one had a signature, yet.

"Adam, What's up. Its been cool with you in my P.E. bell.  Maybe you will be in my classes next year.  Scott Sizemore"

Now, we're getting into the signature stage.  It's still a far cry from his current signature, but nobody's first signature was good.

"Adam, your the man, even though you make some corny jokes.  But that's OK.  Another thing, I can still ball you up, + that's that. Hopefully we'll be in some classes together next year in the high school. See-ya. Scott Sizemore"

At this point, you can see that he is approaching his current signature.    As for the content, well, he can probably still ball me up on the basketball court, but I've got him all day long on the volleyball court.  And sure, my jokes are corny, that's fair.  Not everybody can be a corny mothershucker like me.


The Lost Collector said...

That's pretty bad ass! Wss it obvious he had the talent to be a big league player?

Greg Zakwin said...


Drew said...

Wow, thats so awesome!

Nick said...

That's really cool! I wish I had a yearbook signed by a future big leaguer!

Colbey Hopper said...

Now that is cool!

Fuji said...

Holy smokes... that's cool. Great post!