Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Allen & Ginter Box 1 Part 1

I suppose it is time to start showing some of the results of my boxes.  I've ripped and sorted all of them, including my Gint-A-Cuffs box, which I recorded on video.  That box will start showing up once Mark gets the rules finalized.

I think I'll do them 8 packs at a time, and finish sometime in the middle of August.

In the meantime, I have posted my wantlists for 2012 Allen & Ginter.

Don't worry though, this box got exciting in a hurry.

I really like these Roller Coaster Cabinet cards.  I'm on the fence (or rail....heh) on whether I want to collect them.

Pack 1:
211 Keegan Bradley 
11 Eric Hosmer 
2 Juan Pierre 
29 Hanley Ramirez 
37 James McDonald 
NNO Willow Cove High School Murder in Willow Cove
GD-3 Blue Whale Giants of the Deep
339 Swin Cash Short Print

>>> Do you think the announcers ever say, "Cash takes it to the bank!"  Unfortunately it's the WNBA, so we may never know what the announcers say. Yes I'm collecting the Willow Cove cards.  No I'm not going to attempt the code.  Hey, it's a Blue Whale!  Certainly that's never been in A&G...
Pack 2:
51 Don Denkinger 
289 Brandon Phillips 
276 James Shields 
252 Tsuyoshi Wada 
148 Carlos Gonzalez 
8 Mitch Moreland 
312 Anibal Sanchez Mini SP
WIN56 Albertin Aroldis de la Cruz Chapman What's in a Name

Pack 3:
218 John Danks 
134 David Freese 
23 Yogi Berra 
10 Dustin Pedroia 
1 Albert Pujols 
WTB6 Empire State Building World's Tallest Buildings
233 Shaun Marcum Mini
330 Mike Napoli Short Print

Pack 4:
45 Ewa Mataya 
172 Chris Perez 
213 Joe Nathan 
154 Bob Hurley Sr. 
RC34 Mike Trout Rip Card
137 George Brett Mini A&G Back
WIN68 Prince Semien Fielder What's in a Name
363 Miguel Cabrera Mini EXT

>>> I told myself that, no matter what, if I ever got a rip card, I would rip it.  That became more complicated when I saw it was Mike Trout.  I later re-convinced myself to rip it.  I wish I hadn't.  Sure, the Cabrera should sell nicely, but an unripped Trout would be wayyyy better.  No wonder Prince doesn't talk to his dad, his middle name puts the "i" in semen.

Pack 5:
85 Curly Neal 
227 Michael Young 
184 Ara Parseghian 
3 Miguel Cabrera 
214 Yunel Escobar 
BH-22 Joe DiMaggio Baseball Highlight Sketch
290 Derek Holland Mini Black Border
321 Chad Billingsley Short Print

>>> Did they only make Rangers black borders? They seem to pop up everywhere.
Pack 6:
71 Curtis Granderson 
270 Anthony Rizzo 
92 Craig Kimbrel 
15 Joel Hanrahan 
261 Michael Taylor 
224 Adam Jones 
ML-4 Julius Caesar  World's Greatest Military Leaders
WIN78 Jose Bernabe Reyes What's in a Name

>>> Wouldn't it be crazy if you flipped the Caesar card over and there was a dagger stabbed in the back?
Pack 7:
27 Ricky Nolasco 
114 Johan Santana 
187 John Axford 
248 Jed Lowrie 
169 Mark Teixeira 
HTP-16 The French Revolution    Historical Turning Points
269 Mike Schmidt Mini
313 Carlos Pena Short Print

>>> I really dig the Historical Turning Points cards.  Help me complete the set...
Pack 8:
292 Greg Gumbel 
250 Brennan Boesch 
171 Stephen Strasburg 
198 Phil Pfister 
298 Dee Gordon 
207 Cory Luebke 
167 J.J. Putz Mini
WIN67 Wilver Dornel Stargell What's in a Name

Well, that's the first 1/3 of the box.  I can go ahead and tell you that all 6 of my boxes had 1 hit in each 1/3 box.  That'll work out nice since it means one hit per post. If only all of them could be Mike Trout rip cards.


Greg Zakwin said...

If you're not attached to the ripped Trout, I would be interested in it.

Greg Zakwin said...

scratch that, saw it's on the Bay.

Patrick Gaskill said...

Right now I have: What's in a Name 4, 19, 25, 79, and Minds That Made the Future 16. I'm looking for A&G back minis (any year) and World's Tallest Buildings. You're in or around Richmond, right?

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Funny, you got two mini cards of the best 3rd basemen of the 1980's - Schmidt and Brett. I have a back border mini somewhere ...

Play at the Plate said...

Everyone's getting black bordered Ranger minis but me!! By the way, the Federer relic I pulled might be available...if my wife decides she can't clone him from any possible DNA that might me on the swatch.