Friday, July 6, 2012

Dennis the Menace...

Just when I think I've got the upper hand in trading, he sends me another insane package.

Of course, he included some Hokies, including a nice Topps Finest Royalfractor.

He also included some nice early Cuddyers.

Then, he goes and drops a Hokie tri-bomb on me.  Insane.  And in case that wasn't Hokie enough, he added a Hokie baseball auto for good measure:

Die cut and errrthing.  Since he switched gears to baseball, he had to throw in a couple more items, I guess:

Holy crap.  Dennis has securely planted himself at #2 on the list of my indebtedness, right behind my parents.    I need to find a tree that grows Michigan cards somewhere around here.

Thanks, Dennis!

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Dennis said...

Let's see:
-The Fleer footballs and pair of Cuddyers I had lying around to get rid of
-The Royal was $0.10. Yes, $0.10
-I picked up the three Hokies really cheap at a show
-The Price was from my 2010 EEE break waaaay back, and I finally realized he was a Hokie
-The other two jerseys came from the same show--Dustin actually pointed out the Zimmerman to me, and that was surprisingly cheap too!

I couldn't just let all that lay around, so I sent it your way. Please feel free to direct any money intended for birthday/Xmas presents for your parents towards me, though.