Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NBA Playoffs Pack Rip: 2009-10 Panini Studio Hobby, again

Earlier in my NBA pack-rippage, I opened a hobby pack of 2009-10 Studio.  While I did pull a cool Blake Griffin insert, I wasn't overwhelmed by the pack.  On a recent trip to the LCS, I decided against my better judgement and picked up another pack.  Sometimes I just grab extra packs for no good reason, but this time, I'm glad I did.

I guess the NBA Playoffs are somewhere behind Kobe.  "Yep, keep walking, buddy," says The Playoffs.

Again, the base cards are very close to awesome.  Make the action shots color, and get rid of the white fade on the side, and you've got a great card.

Awesome.  I saw some shiny foil when I first opened the pack.  Out fell this Mike Dunleavy Proof #115/199.  Dunleavy isn't exactly a huge pull, but it made me happy to see something different.  Of course, once I moved this card away, I saw even more shiny foil:

2009-10 Studio Deron Williams Proofs Silver Signatures Autograph #03/10.  Not bad for a couple bucks on a random pack.  This is the lowest serial numbered card I've ever pulled, beating out the Bazooka Back Mini (#/25) I got from a box of 2008 Allen & Ginter.  DWill has been getting some interest from the Lakers, which would be great for this card's value.  I'm debating on when to put it up on eBay.

Anyhow, I think it is the perfect card to complete my NBA Playoffs pack ripping.  The final leaderboard, adjusted with the mammoth DWill:


So as it ends up, the Jazz and Bulls were the top two teams, but were both eliminated.  If the cards are to be believed, the Thunder would hold a 19-11 advantage over the Heat.  That would translate to the Thunder winning the finals either 4-2 or 4-3.  

Personally, I believe the Heat could win 4-2.  If the Heat don't win one of the first two games, though, I think it will be 4-2 Thunder.  My dream would be Heat in 7, but I get the feeling a game 7 would go to the Thunder having home-court advantage.  I give a slight edge overall to the Heat, because of LeBron James.  He is, by far, the best player in the world, and can do so many things that no one else can.  I think the mental changes he's gone through in the last year have put him in a much better place, and I think he will be very fun to watch.  

My last thought I'll leave you with is this: 

Put away the hate, the blinders, the stereotypes, and the misconceptions.  Just sit back and appreciate that the two best players in the world, Lebron James and Kevin Durant, are facing off in the NBA Finals.  A lot of people fail to grasp the concept of liking both players.  They also fail to realize that saying "LeBron is the best player in the world" doesn't discount Kevin Durant's talent or achievements.  These finals are a huge win-win for basketball.  If the Heat win, LeBron will finally put to rest the "he doesn't have a ring" BS.  If the Thunder win, then it's a big win for teams that rebuild through the draft, a great accomplishment for a young Kevin Durant, and a deserved finish for a fanbase that has risen to the occasion.

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