Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Topps Archives: My first(ish) taste

Though Nick sent me some of the players I wanted from Archives, I hadn't posted any packs.  These were my first few packs:

Eh.  Not doing much for me, but not bad.

Eh. A little better, but still not really getting it.

Eh.  Not feeling it.

Eh. Meh.

Eh. I'm just not that big on reprints.

All that, and I only get two cards worth talking about.  The deckle edge is pretty neat, and I like the blue signature.  It at least feels like there was some effort put into it.  The cloth stickers are great.  I'm a fan of alternative textures.

Speaking of textures, the card stock on Archives sucks bigtime.  As thin as this crap is, you should get AT LEAST 15 cards in a $3 pack.

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