Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Topps S2: Clemente loves me!

They're just too easy to throw in the cart.

That Jeter is fantastic.

Three Panini inserts and an Upper Deck insert in Topps packs?  Topps, a monopoly means you can produce whatever the hell you want.  Why would you chose to model your cards after other companies? That Career Day cards is horrendous.

Ok, you have partially redeemed yourself.  The golds are nice, the die cuts are nice and the minis have been quite popular.

Speaking of disappointment.  The Golden Giveaway is the bastard child of the Million Card/Diamond Giveaway and a made-up website called e-Pogs.  I really don't need virtual coins.  I tried to transfer them to my bank account, and the customer support rep laughed at me.  Regardless, I am a pawn to the addiction, so I entered my code.

Wait a minute, that's not a coin!  So, in my first Gypsy Queen packs, I got the Clemente photo variation.  In my first Archives packs, I got the Clemente deckle edge.  In my first Topps S2 packs, I get a code that yields a Clemente die cut.  Too cool!  Don't hate me, but this was actually just my third code entered.  My first two sucked, and I didn't buy much more Series 1.  I watched trade offers roll in, and pretty quickly traded Clemente for this:

Score 1 for Spankee!


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Nice Verlander, grats !!

Dhoff said...

Good stuff. That's a great shot of Austin. Hadn't seen that card yet.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I got a 1971 CLEMENTE coin for a $1 - anything with Roberto is cool.