Friday, September 16, 2011

Word Verification: The Naughty Files

It's box break intermission time!

A while back, I went through some of the funnier word verifications I've come across. Now, interrupt the box breaks for a special message:

Close the curtain, lock the door, the squeamish should look away. It's time for the Naughty File!

Before I get to the stuff I've been collecting, I gotta show the most recent. It should set the tone for the post.  I picked this one up on SewingMachineGuy's blog the other day.
You're probably getting the feeling that this will be a little dirty.
...not your teat - mateat!
...The main feature of my action figure. Works well with the kung-fu grip.
 Asian man's guilty pleasure?
Don't open the bathroom door, I'm dookin!
Diarrhea...the unterd.
Sometimes, things just sound dirty...and sticky.
Dude, I tried to tell you before you took her home.
 beats spooning.
...That's not what your wife means when she says, "could you give me a hand?".
She was drunk, so I...
In my defense, I never claimed this site to be family-friendly.


Paul said...


Colbey said...

You crack me up. I love #9. #10 especially made me laugh.

BTW, my word verification: cushoe

The Lost Collector said...

Unterd is my favorite.