Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2008 UD A Piece of History Hobby Break Box 2 Part 2

And so, it has come to this.  The finale.  I desperately wanted to change the order of the packs to add suspense, but I've decided to present them as they came to me, so you can see what I saw.  To this point, you've seen 6 A&G hits and 8 APOH hits.  Since I told you there are 17 total, that leaves 3.  Since I only expect 12 from the 4 boxes, we're well into bonus hit category.  As far as box 2 expectations, I've pulled two relics and an auto, so the only thing that remains guaranteed is a Hollywood Memorabilia card.

Pack 9:
134 Jerry Blevins RC
186 California Gold Rush
148 Bill White RC
FM4-20 Jones/Kent/Kemp/Furcal Franchise Members 4 #031/799
43 Hunter Pence
82 Tim Lincecum
4 Chris B. Young
69 Mariano Rivera
30 Troy Tulowitzki

>>> Another 9-card pack. Dang, just look at all those Dodger logos. I wouldn't imagine this card stays in my possession long.  I'm betting Plaschke beats out Spiegel and Night Owl to claim the Dodgers card.

Pack 10:
132 Jonathan Albaladejo RC
187 Creation of the Personal Computer
145 Jeff Ridgway RC
163 Television Invented Blue #20/25
YSM-JD Joe DiMaggio Yankee Stadium Memorabilia
33 Justin Verlander
59 David Wright
98 Frank Thomas
YSL5812 David Wells Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> Holy cardgasm pack!!!  Personal computer invented, TV invented #/25, Verlander, and Wright, holy crap. Oh yeah, and Joe frickin DiMaggio!!! Ok, so one of my bonus hits is Joe DiMaggio.  I guess that's ok. Umm, yeah, so that's the pull of the year for me.  It's not really close either.  Sorry John McEnroe relic redemption.  You just got blown out of the water.  BTW, did anyone else not have a clue that Joe's real name was Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio Jr.? you learn something new everyday I guess.  I knew something was up with this box.  This is another 9 card pack that has a one-per-case YSL relic that just happens to be DiMaggio, along with a /25 parallel.

Pack 11:
174 N.A.T.O. Created
118 Josh Anderson RC
160 Opening of Panama Canal
BSM-8 Manny Ramirez Box Score Memories #156/699
21 Alfonso Soriano
86 Ichiro Suzuki
72 Cole Hamels
7 John Smoltz
48 Victor Martinez

>>> Another 9-card pack. Let's face it, there was really no card possible that could have been in this pack that would have been anywhere as exciting as last pack. That's because the last pack had this card in it:

Pack 12:
189 1st Dictionary Published
104 Brandon Jones RC
175 Sputnik Launched by Russia
146 Justin Ruggiano RC
99 Chad Cordero
34 Miguel Cabrera
60 Carlos Beltran
FM4-1 Jeter/Giambi/Damon/Posada Franchise Members 4 Blue #18/25

>>> Hot damn.  That is a swwwwweeeeeeet blue Yankees card.  I don't care who you are, that is a pretty card.  That's my third /25 card in the box, by the way.  On any other occasion that would be by far the sickest Yankee card I've pulled.  But, it's not, because pack #10 had this card:

Pack 13:
116 Harvey Garcia RC
191 History of Nobel Prize
121 J.R. Towles RC
87 Troy Glaus Gold #09/75
57 Delmon Young
83 Travis Hafner
18 Jonathan Papelbon
YSL5762 David Wells Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> Nice low numbered Glaus.  If you are keeping track, that's my 4th David Wells YSL in the boxes.  Yankee Stadium Legacy reminds me of something.  Oh yeah, that's right, it reminds me of this card:

Pack 14:
117 Chris Seddon RC
176 U.S.S.R. Crumbles
111 Ryan Hanigan RC
CSC-BB Bonderman/Blanton Cut From the Same Cloth #425/799
SS26 Roy Oswalt Stadium Scenes Red Jersey
54 Prince Fielder
88 Albert Pujols
23 Carlos Zambrano
49 Andruw Jones

>>> Another 9-card pack and we've got hit number 16, which is a sweet Oswalt swatch.  One hit to go, and it should be a Hollywood Memorabilia.  I bet it won't be as good as this one:

Pack 15:
190 Steam Engine Invented
120 Felipe Paulino RC
168 Suez Canal Opens
106 Clay Buchholz RC
BSM-20 Troy Tulowitzki Box Score Memories Jersey Auto Blue #71/99
11 Erik Bedard
50 James Loney
76 Jason Bay
YSL6353 Jorge Posada Yankee Stadium Legacy

>>> Another 9-card pack, this box is just wacky.  It's no Joe DiMaggio, but a Tulo AutoRelic is always welcome. What a great card.  A numbered color relic with a well laid auto.  UD did a great job with putting the auto overtop of the player name and position.  It makes for a very nice effect. If only this was on-card.  My wife was disturbed by the noises coming from me when I got to this point in the box.  Definitely the second-best hit of the break, behind this guy:

Pack 16:
192 Liberty Bell
122 Luke Hochevar RC
178 Paul Revere's Ride
150 Justin Maxwell RC
7 John Smoltz
33 Justin Verlander
59 David Wright
CSC-CH Cordero/Hoffman Cut From the Same Cloth Pewter #69/75

>>> Wow, Pewter and 69.  Giggity.  If only there were a Pujols in there.  Would a Pewter Pujols be redundant? Actually the Pewter is really nice, though.  It's got a holofoil refractory prismy sheen to it.  A good low-number finish to the box. But I know what you really want to end on:

I must say, I'm pissed.  I got shorted a Hollywood Memorabilia card. 6 hits (2 bonus) and no Hollywood.  What a crappy box.  I'm totally calling Upper Deck to complain.

On second thought, maybe it'll be ok.  After all, Joe did hook up with Marilyn Monroe.  That's Hollywood hero stuff in my book. 



hiflew said...

Hey man great boxes. I'd love to work out a trade for the Tulo auto jersey, Holliday jersey, and Helton parallel.

Hit me back if they are available.

Play at the Plate said...

Un. Real. Congrats!

SpastikMooss said...

Wowwwwww. Epic stuff man, epic. I hate the Yankees as much as most of us, but historically awesome Yankees are a different story. And that Tulo auto was a huge surprise...I was waiting on some anticlimatic Hollywood relic or a swatch of some scrub and then all of a sudden a Tulo dual...not a bad way to end things!

Greg Zakwin said...

Yup, I'd like the Kemp. And I'll hop in line behind Johnny for the Tulo.

Cheap Card Collecting said...

Very nice box!

Eric L said...

That was a fun box to watch unfold. Congrats!

Don WickedOrtega said...

Killed it homie!!!

night owl said...

Pffff, that's a pretty safe bet.

Ah, well, aside from the Boxscore Memories cards, I'm not a fan of Piece of History at all. Ug-ly.

A2 Wolverine said...

Is the Yankee Franchise Members for trade? I'd like to add the Damon to my collection.

Anonymous said...

That Joe D is incredible. Makes me want to open my own box of UD A Piece of History.

Kevin said...

That Joe D card is badass. I really like those cards and who is better than Joe D!

Tulo is also a nice get.